Software overview

Modern development technologies from experienced team and high-level security approach led into powerful payment processing software creation. Our payment software platform is a highly customizable and flexible modular system.

Payment platform logically divided into 2 systems - Front-end and Back-end.

Front-end System

Front-end works as a single start-point for all buyer's transactions and includes:

Payment form module This module manages Payment Forms layout and payment instrument data inputs.
3-D Secure and Recurring module 3-D Secure transactions management and recurring transactions control.
Payment API module Control of input point for payment API transactions.
Proxy and balance module Balancing requests for backend and outbound requests proxy.
System administration module This is user interface for payment system configuration.

Back-end System

Back-end contains all business logic and data storage for system functioning:

Payment processing module Core module for different payment instruments transactions processing.
System administration module Contains server part of system configuration module, merchant accounts configuration, user privileges, system logs etc.
Risk management module Includes anti-fraud management, black and white-lists configuration, online monitoring and other hacking prevention facilities.
Reporting module This module can use standalone database and provides flexible options for custom reports generation, chargeback prognosis and alerts notification setup.
Accounting module Includes invoicing and reconciliation facilities, which can be used by Payment Service Provider.
Integration module Allows to use connectors for different payment engines, payment processing system or other ERP/CRM systems.
Secure data module Includes generation procedures and secure storage for sensitive data encryption keys with hacking prevention features.

System can be configured for multi-frontend layout, according to customer's requirements.

Please see more details in sample payment platform deployment architecture.

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