Solutions for Payment Service Providers

Our payment software platform could be used by any Payment Service Provider, from small to large-size companies.

We can provide different architecture solutions, that could fit all your specific needs.

Flexible customization

We can setup and configure payment platform, to fit all your business-specific needs. You will get individual solution with free of charge setup.

Powerful fees and rates configuration

Our software gives you maximum freedom in setting tariff plans for you clients. You can use any commercial scheme and don't worry – if it will be supported be system. For sure it will.

Different payment methods and providers support

You can receive customer payment with any existing payment method – does not matter it use mass-market payment card, bank or p2p money transfer or even narrow segment alternative payment instruments like electronic money and local payment systems.

Multi-language and cross-country environment ready

If you want to provide service to your customers in various countries, our platform includes set of features, which will allow you to get maximum profitability for each region.

Billing and Invoicing

Our platform gave you full cycle solution to support all areas of Payment Service Provider business.

You can use our automated invoicing and billing to control all settlements with your clients.

Secure payment card data storage

Our software was written according to strict security standards. It will allow you to easily pass PCI DSS audit and you can be sure, that you customer's card data stored with maximum safety.

Antifraud instruments

Our solution use integrated checks and rules configuration for each payment transaction. Also you can use popular scoring systems to ensure minimum fraud transactions level.

Fault tolerance

We can provide different fault tolerance schemes, that depends upon your infrastructure.

High-load ready

With our software you can process more than 100 transactions per second (TPS) without using expensive enterprise software or hardware.

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