Flexible Solutions for Fintech Startups

We are very experienced team of technology experts which spend last 10 years building and customising payment solutions for clients worldwide. We understand importance of wide variety of emerging startups which aim to change the industry, therefore, we do our best to help them launch and scale their business.

Our core solution is a powerful back-end software for processing online payments. It’s a fully-fledged Payment Platform initially designed as a very customisable one. Thus, you will leverage an ability to tailor it to your company's specific needs from the very beginning and at any time down the road.

Moreover, we are very opened for building custom technology solution to satisfy agile demands of your startup. So, reach out to us to discuss your project idea.

Embrace our Core Solution Key Values

Private. Powerful. Scalable

We have built sophisticated payment processing engine which should be installed to your own private server environment and intended to help you scale easily. You can process more than 100 transactions per second (TPS) without using additional expensive enterprise software or hardware.

Fault-Tolerance Scheme with Advanced Load-Balancing

We help you to define the optimal fault-tolerance scheme according to an architecture you will choose. As a benchmark, you may look at the sample of complete fault-tolerance scheme which includes load-balancing here.

Smart Transaction Routing

When integrated with several acquirers you may easily optimise your transaction fee by setting flexible rules to drive each transaction to specific acquirer automatically. What is more important, you may also dramatically increase transaction success probability by this means.

Billing and Invoicing

Basic billing and invoicing module may be pre-installed to your solution to control all settlements with your clients. To tailor it to your specific needs you will have an opportunity to order all the bells and whistles which you require.

Secure Card Data Storage

The solution was designed according to strict security standards. It will allow you to easily pass PCI DSS audit and you can be sure, that you customer's card data stored with maximum safety.

Fraud Prevention

Our solution applies proprietary set of checks and rules configuration for each payment transaction. To ensure minimum fraud transactions level you are free to use external scoring system integrated with our solution.

Acquirers and Payment Methods On-demand

Your payment solution can be integrated with any number of acquiring banks, processors or PSPs which you will choose. It allows you to process not just credit and debit cards payments, but also integrate with other payment methods - from your local wallets to mainstream payment means.

Cross-border Payment Environment

Our payment processing engine allows you to manage payments in various currencies.

Payment API

We will provide you with the Payment API for your various business needs - whether you need to built your clients’ check-out experience in your own way or serve other businesses as a payments facilitator.

P2P Money Transfers

Card to card transfers functionality is set and ready to extend your business model. This module can be added to your payment solution on your demand.

3DS. Tokenisation. 1-click buy. Recurring payments.

All these features are supported by our platform and only depends on capabilities of your acquiring bank or processor.


Payment applications are very sophisticated ones, but it doesn’t mean that you need to deal with the all this maintenance hassle on your own. We are flexible enough to provide you with ongoing support and, what is more important, help you develop your solution over time.

Special Offers for Startups

We understand the tough nature of launching a new business. We prepared a special offer for financial startups to help them decrease the hassle. Feel free to send us a request.

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